The sun sets on another day…

A short pause in the eve just to take a picture, and what was there was almost breathtaking, well, perhaps it was breathtaking, I just held on tightly for a moment and watched it pass.

My father always told me that he could not be sure he could give me things. He could never promise money, nor any physical thing, but he did say I would always have a safe haven with him. Someplace safe I could go, and not have to worry about all the walls that close in on us daily. I never took him up on that and now he is gone. I am the one now that offers this safety to my children.

As I watched tonight’s sunset I thought of that beacon of hope and safety and wondered if it still existed in the world. So many people need a safe haven, and it seems so many are searching for it. As I pay attention to people the clouds over their heads seem to be growing, the fire and fury, overwhelming, but they need to remember there is somewhere safe if they only look for it. I decided it truly is there, and we see it all the time, we just have to pay attention.

So I am asking you now to take a moment, take a deep breath, and think about where your safe place is? Is it where you are or where you need to be? Is it on a boat, or with a friend or nestled in the fold of someones shoulder. Is it important where OR is it important who?

Think about it, and remember that safety.

So as the sun sets on another day, we all need to be safe sometimes. It is up to us to take the steps to be safe, it is up to us to find our way to happiness, in the end, everything is up to us. We have the ability to shape who we are but we should always remember where we are safe, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and be safe…

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