Rising above…

The sun sets on another day…

The clouds and rain and darkness were out today, but ti was not a bad thing, today I was lifted in many ways, and as with each day I yearned to see more.

I wrote similar here.

I read a piece today by a talented young person who, if they read this post, will probably want to laugh at me. They wrote an intriguing blog article about deleting the negative people from your life. the premise is that when people are negative, don’t lift you up, hold you down, keep you down, or try to take you down, delete them from your life. It is a good premise, and it works very well in our online world. We are in a generation that can define themselves by a walkaway style relationship. We now have the ability to delete a number of people in our life just by pressing a button. They are, in truth, no more than a computer generated fantasy like leaves on a tree shifting into fall. Online interactions can be like ghosts that may haunt us (Halloween reference here) and can hold us from our goals, our happiness, our very lives. Yes, we can delete a lot of people, but we cannot delete them all. 

There are those people who are close to us that bring us down as well. People who mean well in their minds, but are lost in the cages they have built for themselves. There are people who we are forced to be around, not because we want to be, but because we have to be. I am reminded of an old old movie “Being there” where the main character faces an unpleasant situation and tries to use the TV remote to turn it off. We can’t always do that. 

I am not saying in any way the article I read was wrong, but I am saying that sometimes instead of deleting, we just need to rise above. There are things pressing on us that could reign us in, so we can rise above. There are people who are not being reasonable, nor nice, so we can rise above. We do not need to be at the level where it can hurt us, because we can rise above. From above we can see more than just what is in front of us, and maybe we can see a bigger picture. Maybe, just maybe, we need to rise above and see that bigger picture.

A long time ago, in this galaxy, I was in a class with someone who was brutal, irritating, and constantly antagonistic. They were not pleasant to be around, so I “deleted” them and moved on. As I was in college a the time I spent a lot of time in the computer lab, and one late night I found them there, working heads down. They kept getting more and more angry and growled at one point to which I finally waked over and asked what was wrong. They looked at me like I was a leper, but finally admitted they were failing and were constantly frustrated by programming. I sat down, and because I was weird and understood computers easily, I worked with them until they understood. This went on for a few weeks and their F turned into a D, then a C. Their negativity and frustrations faded, and if I had just left them deleted, their class may not have been as successful. They became more positive in class, and more positive to most people.

What I am trying to say, is don’t be so quick to press the delete key. Be quicker to rise above, in fact choose to rise above and see the bigger picture. Sure, there are going to be a lot of people that need deleting, but some of them are worth an extra look, some of them have to be there, and some of them, well, they really don’t mean what they are saying anyway. Let’s all be those people on their way to rising above and find out what we are deleting it before we hit the button. If you can do that, maybe it is a step towards a better world.

So as the sun sets on another day, well, it is a good day. Not because it was perfect, but because we rose above it, and made it a good day. Be that person who can see a bigger picture and where you fit into that bigger picture. Find a path that works, and if you need to delete people, well, do it, but remember that sometimes you are the key to something better. Be that key. no matter what.

Sleep sweet, enjoy the day, and love to the moon and back and the stars beyond…


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