Halloween 2018!

The sun sets on another day…

The sunset was in a near perfect day filled with positives. You know, every day is full of positives if you look for them. They are all right in front of you, behind you, over top of you, behind you, and all around you. Yes, the positives are there, are you looking for them, or holding on to the negatives. Grab your positive rush and ride with it all you can, it will be an is worth it.

Today was another Halloween. It is a fun day, a good day and this year I have 2 stories for you. If you find me on Facebook you may have seen them, but if you are someone who just comes here enjoy.

A child makes a unique friend in Safe: 


Car problems can be a pain in Broke Down: 


So as the sun set son another day, I hope you had a safe and wonderful holiday, well, at least some fun. Keep enjoying each day, and have a little excitement too! Stay positive along the way, the world is as you make it, make it a good one.

Sleep sweet, read more, and enjoy the evening…



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