Losing the linear…

The sun sets on another day…

I like the idea of linear time. Mainly because that is how we see time, but partially because time can be so many things to so many people and it just keeps marching on. I have talked about this a few times here. 

Let’s all take a moment and look at things in a non-linear way for a moment. Ready? Take a deep breath and think of all that happened or will happen or is happening is right now. (I know, this is weird but follow with me).  Let’s see how many things are going on, have gone on, will go on, that are far more than just linear moments. Take a second, consider how life passes, we are born, grow up, laugh and love, then grow old, but all of those things we see linear we are now looking at with our non-linear eyes. The good, bad and indifferent melded into one thing, that thing called us. Be a part of all of it, well, all that you know at least. 

If we were aware of all the things we are doing, would our linear decisions be any different. Can we truly look at anything in a cynical manner if we see our childhood at the same time. (Or can we be positive at all if we look at our childhood if we had a rough childhood)  Can we not take our wisdom from our later self and help our childhood self be more? There are questions upon questions but the simple answer is, would we be able to handle non-linear knowing that we are at all times all of the time? (If that doesn’t make sense, reread it, it really does in there somewhere)

Yes, yes, I know, it is a strange little excursion but come back to linear time for a moment. Consider how you saw yourself in the past, can you see things that you are thankful for that perhaps were overlooked? See how you see the future? Do you dare overlook anything? I know I try not to at all. As we focus on our present we need to be aware of the past and the future, not dwelling in either, but aware, if we were non-linear, it would be different, but we are linear, so we need a little help.

This week has been very sublime for me, and it has given me a lot of time to think in the sun and wave and as I thought I was thankful for all the good and bad I have been through in life. Not because it was fun, but because it helped shape me into who I am. Ask yourself: who are you? Are you who you want to be, or is who you may be better? Isn’t it time to talk to them work through it, and become the best you can be? If there was no time maybe we would see that there is less time than we think, but since there is time, what if you only had 29000 sunsets, and those moments were counting down each day? Interesting or ridiculous? Up to you. 

So as the sun sets on another day, take a second, maybe think about your past, present, and future you. Perhaps you can make a better you if you consider each one, and in the process find a path that works, not just for the linear now, but for the non linear you. It is worth a try. Remember, you are the center of your universe and I would like to think you are pretty darn awesome. Believe in yourself and be more every day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, live for today, but see yesterday and tomorrow always while you are living today…


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