A nice day…

The sun sets on another day…

Every day is a gift, it is why we call it the present.

Yes, it seems like a goofy joke, perhaps a little over the top, perhaps a little under the top. In the end, today is a present, and today is a gift, and today is something we should cherish.

Today as the sun was setting it was surely going to be a poor sunset. After all, there was a cloud bank in the distance, ready to take away the sunset, or was there? At the last minute it was just a light fog and the sunset was striking. A gift, an exciting outcome I did not consider. A wonderful sunset.

How many times do we see the phases of life going a way that is not going to be good, only to have it turn around? How many times do we simply miss the gift in it all. If we walk away from something before we really know what will happen, are we saving ourselves anything? Is it possible that sometimes we don’t see the possibilities in front of us, and in the process, we miss how positive the actual picture is to us? That person who won the lottery but was worrying about paying taxes, the amazing love between two people that might end, the new car that you won, but it has a ding, there are possible positives that we sometimes overlook while looking for the negative

So, as the sun sets on another day, look for the positive or at least pay attention to it. don’t walk away, stand proud and strong and make the day better, and in the process build your life on the good things and in the process spread a little of the good around. It works, and you can make the world better if you just realize that!

Sleep sweet, love life, and live it every day….

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