Movies that matter? Bird Box.

The sun sets on another day…

I was wondering today how many times I had mentioned movies in my writing here. So I looked. I was surprised to find that I have only mentioned movies 50 times out of almost 1300 posts. The reason i surprises me is that is a small percentage of the time. 

So I sat tonight as a computer churned and groaned and watched a new movie. I have thought a lot about being a critic of movies for a while, mainly because I have seen more than most people. today I enjoyed a new made for Netflix Movie, The Bird box.

I was surprised.

It is rare I am surprised in any type of suspense or horror movie, and that may be sad, but I have seen so many twists and turns that the extreme ones make me laugh. I giggled through The Grudge, Annabelle, and a host of others that were over the top and found movies like Saw far too graphic for far too little plot. I have always appreciated the true suspense of the unknown, like in The Birds, or Rear Window, or Visiting Hours, where the fear is more ingrained in the story, and less focused on gore and pain. I was not disappointed tonight.

The movie does not truly define the monsters but I had a feeling, and after watching it read a few articles that were similar in my thinking. I will let you figure it out. Suffice it to say the fear was palpable, but the morals within were equally as powerful. Without beauty, why would there be a reason to live. Without hope, where could people be?

I am particularly impressed with Sandra Bullock. She took her role more than seriously and the outcome was a masterful character that lead us into the depths of why people like to be alone, and pushed us towards the truest definitions of love, honor, and sacrifice.

I will not say more except, take the time, watch it, and I hope you see all the sub-stories and intertwined passions I saw, and find a moments inspiration in it all.

So as the sun sets on another day, there are lots of movies I watch to feel better about the world, and in spite of the suspense, I will add this one to the list. Not because it is the best movie I have ever seen, but because it does a good job of defining the essence of who we should be, and in the process opens doors for our mind. 

Sleep sweet, love live, and believe in passion no matter what…

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