Movies that matter: People will Talk

The sun sets on another day…

I sat last night for a while after writing, then worked for a long time again. In the process as I worked on a project I thought about what I had written, and all the movies I had seen. So I decided for a few days this year I would give a few movie suggestions.

So today I may suggest an older film, yes it is black and white, but ti will speak to you in color if you let it. The Movie is People will Talk.

Now I read a few reviews about it before I wrote this and they are varied. The film gets some low marks from some  and high marks from others, but it spoke to me in a way I did not see in the dozen or so reviews I read. The movie has a story beneath a story.

These types of stories are sometimes obvious, and in this case it does not take a hard look to see the sub-story is about trust and people. Sure, there are a lot of questions that can be asked, but the big question you need to ask is “Do we really need to lower other people to raise ourselves.” It is in this question that I decided that I would add this today because it fits with the entire themes of 29,000 sunsets. Not only from a “How should we treat people” aspect, but also from a  “How we should be treated” point of view.

Of course there are other themes that I like, for example, “what is the essence of love?” ,”What is the essence of life?” and “What is the essence of honor? and the movie infers a great deal. On part I am particularly drawn to pushes a balance between science and art and states simply that one should never be so focused on science that they forget art.

There is a quote in the movie that can inspire many that says, “I consider faith properly injected into a patient as effective in maintaining life as Adrenaline, and a belief in miracles has been the difference between living and dying as often as any surgeon’s scalpel.” I agreed with this idea and saw this in many successful movies. The belief in yourself, and faith in more, that can open doors, and cast away the shadows. It is in this quote that the core of the movie rotates. The positive possibilities overcoming all odds, all obstacles, and all of the small minds within.

Sure, it is dated, but in the end, this movie may open your heart a little, and to me it is one of thousands that have mattered.

So as the sun sets on another day, I have managed to write this without spoiling the movie, but I hope you can take a moment, enjoy the movie, and enjoy the day. I did and will continue to see this as a foundation for myself as time goes on. Find those things that inspire you, and if you don’t like the movie, I understand, but enjoy your time, enjoy your day, and be as happy as you can, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and wow…


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