Did you see that?

The sun sets on another day…


There is so much going on in the world. How can we possibly see it all? There are things going on all around us and we get lost in our moments with technology and more. A long time ago I wrote about similar here.

As you saw yesterday I got a nice picture of the owl who is frequenting the area. In fact I got about 600 or so, but that was not all. I watched as people drove by the owl, oblivious to this beauty even a few feet away. When he flew off I found myself face to face with a hawk. No one else even gave it a nod, but I took dozens of pictures of the hawk as well. Then I watched the reflection of the lighthouse as it shimmered ever so slightly on the lake, then I watched the shimmer on the waves of a golden sun, then the ice on the wave torn rocks. Still I watched. 

I know, I know, perhaps I am overthinking, but from the smile of a child to the soaring eagle above there are so many things to notice, why aren’t we noticing? Are you?

My suggestion, put down the distractions for a while and pay attention to the world. There are stunning things to see all around you that you will never get the chance to see again, and you may not even know they are there. So I watched the hawk at the top of the pole and then he slipped gracefully to the earth, only to be ignored again until suddenly he was off, carrying a rat in his talons. With much of the world oblivious to it all. Perhaps that is where we should look today and tomorrow, perhaps we should look at the world with a little more in our minds, our hearts, and well, our brains too.

So as the sun sets on another day, well, are we paying attention? The world is a fascinating place with a series of nearly impossible events happening all the time if we just look for them. Open your eyes, see past the mundane and journey into the world of the wild, the scary, the unintentional and maybe step across into the fantastic. Do it all you can, and live a more than wonderful life, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, smile at the birdie, and love to the moon and back…

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