The sun sets on another day…

It was not truly a sunset today that could be seen, but the gaze of ice over much of the landscape gave the world a glistening almost surreal look, and as day passed to night the world sparkled with nervous energy.

Let’s be straight and honest. I have gotten many comments, emails, and other items that say we all have bad days. I have been challenged as to how you can stay positive even in the face of a day that s not so good. Trust me, I have had some not so good starts to days. Sometimes you wake up and the world is pressing in, after all there are many responsibilities in life and they make themselves known. Sometimes an event hits hard or a person take the wind from your sails or or or…..


That is exhausting all on its own.

Let’s back out of that mess and try to be a little more positive. What we need is some comfort. Sounds tough? Let’s see.

In a moment, close your eyes. Not yet, you won’t be able to read. 

  • When you close your eyes, consider all the positives you have in your life. Not the things, the money, the stuff, but the people.
  • When you close your eyes, set aside the negative people in your life and think about those people that made you who you are today, family, friends, a special mentor, those people that shaped you into the positives of today.
  • When you close your eyes set aside those emotions that caused you distress and think about feelings, and passion and all the time that you felt the warmth of love deep inside of who you are now and who you have been.
  • When you close your eyes, set aside those memories that keep you from trying and realize that every negative you experienced in your life lead you towards a positive, every failure is a step in the chain of success.
  • When you close your eyes, breathe, and feel the life rush into you, moment by moment.

I want to say close your eyes right now and go to it, but wait until the end. 

Each day we have a choice. We can let the world overcome us, or we can overcome the world. Each day we have an opportunity to rise above, and personally I make a choice each day to rise above it all. Not because I have a perfect life, not because I am some overly happy person, but because the negatives parts of our lives just don’t matter as much. Sure, your car breaks down it is not pleasant, but don’t let it ruin your day. Sure, someone treats you poorly, why bother with letting it get you down. Sure, someone dumps you, treats you bad, your mail is lost, your phone doesn’t work, all transient.

Be that person who steps beyond. BE that person that remembers the fun in life, laughs at it, lives it, and makes the day better. Find a way to be better and better each day.

So as the sun sets on another day, it is almost time to close your eyes, almost time to breathe, almost time to remember those you love and those who love you, almost time. Take a moment, feel it all around you, and don’t let go, (and yes, I am going to say it)no matter what. 

Sleep sweet, let go of the negative, and it’s time to close your eyes and breath…




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