Icy niceness…

The sun sets on another day…

I sat outside tonight looking at the stars. The belts of Orion stared back at me, and the big dipper was barely visible from the winter sky, lost behind a maze of pine trees. Yeah, it was crisp, well, maybe cold, well, maybe bone numbing, or maybe not because there was a little more.

I have now rewritten this post a dozen times. It starts good, then gets a little preachy and negative, then I turn it around, then I smile and delete a bunch. It is this last time that will be the charm.

It is cold outside, but my heart is warm. Why? Well, there are so many things to be thankful for daily, you just have to sit back and enjoy them. If it seems like I giggle or laugh right now it is because it is funny. There is so much to be wildly thankful for, the other things just don’t really matter.

I know I know, there are things that, well, hmm, suck would be a good word. Today though I will overcome and make those things better. Today will be today again tomorrow, and I know that there is no better day than today, even if yesterday was good.

Too much?

Probably, but if you consider, there are always things we should be thankful for. Tonight, as I stared at the stars and threw the Frisbee one more time and saw the white busy tail bound off into the woods, I knew today was great. So take a second, and be thankful for all you have and all that is you, and in the process, enjoy the evening. 

So as the sun set son another day, today is a great day, you know it is, well at least it is a good day. Be that person that sees the depth of the day, and enjoys the moments they can because, umm, because the can. Smile at the stars in the night, and have some fun no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and love life some more…



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