Lost puppy…

The sun sets on another day…

It is almost complete. The storm of a lifetime, the cold of an age, a fight against freezing, against snow we did wage. Ice was upon us, it chilled to the bone, and as the night called us we found our way home. Tomorrow a new day, the storm is complete, tomorrow we warm up, for a day or a week.

So I have spent the last several days snow blowing the driveway almost religiously. As I did so I played Frisbee with the pup who was almost ecstatic with all the activity. Hours each day and so much exercise she would come in and quickly fall asleep. The problem began as the snow got higher and higher, and soon she was bounding through snow and all I could see was a bouncing tail, and a nose and eyes popping up holding a Frisbee. She didn’t know where it was every time but she found it, and found her way back to play some more even though she looked as though she was getting lost in the snow.

Sometimes we get lost in things and need to just enjoy them. There is fun in almost anything if you look at it right, and sometimes we are at the core of the fun, making each day ours. We need to be lost in our passion, lost in our fun, lost in our lives and not so worried about how deep the world is getting around us, just that we are a part of it. When we think it is too much, maybe we just need to jump higher. When we think it is enough, maybe we can do a little more.

I know I know, it is a simplification, but if we only get one life, not some video game induced series of lives, isn’t it important that we live it, truly live it? Yeah, we may get tired, but we can sleep for a little while and start again, right?

So as the sun sets on another day, I have a dog behind me want to go play some more. It makes me laugh, and makes me smile because I know if you paid attention you saw I was there right with her, stopping what I was doing to, playing and working, working and playing and enjoying something many people think is bad, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, stay warm, and enjoy the night…




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