Powerful positives…

The sun sets on another day…

The wind is coming. It is not a brisk breeze, it is a powerful force that will drive waves and more to the brink of their breaking point. The wind will define the moments for tonight and tomorrow. The sun will rise and set unknown by us, but we will know it is there as we weather the weather. (Funny huh?)

There are moments we remember all the time. Moments that are special or more special. Our special moments in school where we shined. Our first car, special friends, a child’s laughter, our first child and oh so many more. Remember the pure electrified passion of your first kiss? That time your held hands when no one was watching and you were truly alive? The time you laughed so hard you cried? Again, all awesome.

If you noticed, I didn’t put any bad items in here, and we do remember those too, but isn’t it time we set those aside? Isn’t it time we start looking at the massively wonderful moments every day that are so good we have to hold on to them? Isn’t it time we stop living the lies that people set upon us, and start living the powerful positives that we always have, but sometimes overlook. Isn’t it time we set aside all the things we think are negatives and pull up the powerful positives in all that we do?

I have met those people that are always looking at the empty side of the glass. They find excuses upon excuses for how they feel and blame everyone but themselves. The world is always difficult for them. I have also met, however, people that find the positive in anything. Perhaps even in things they should not feel positive about. Those people that try to help others, that reach out and are friends of the people, and not just self serving. 

Here we are, looking for positives. What are yours? Have you helped someone or just waited for help? Have you hugged someone? Have you laughed just for the sake of laughing? Have you called someone special, or just waited for a call? Have you done something special for someone, or watched the day go by? 

So as the sun sets on another day, your day is yours to do as you please. No disputing that. Do you feel your day is a day that you made special, or just another day? Is your day the day to complain or find the silver lining that every day has? Make it your day, and try to make it special, because after all, you too are special, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and make it yours…

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