The winds of February…

The sun sets on another day…

The winds bellowed and blew this afternoon and still, while the power of the wind was immense, there I was with others watching that power, overcoming the odds.

I got a kick out of the wind today and a few silly videos I took of the waves as they crashed against the ice wall. It was awe inspiring to watch waves of 10-20 feet hit ice shelves created by the waves in the first place as the cold air froze the massive lake.

Sometimes we sit out here and take chances enjoying the beauty of such things. My best friend made a statement as he took a picture on the other side that it was like a sandblaster, on this side of the channel I watched waves hammer in winds that no sail could ever take, and still we were lined up in an ice blaster. Silly or amazing does not matter, the point is, we were there to enjoy the moments, and as we did, we overcame nature and found beauty in its place.

Take a few chances in life, enjoy the beauty that is out there. Find a moment and make that moment complete, and as you do so, make the world a better place with your positive aspirations, and positive moments. You know, I think it is worth it.

So as the sun sets on another day, wow, what a ride The storms were epic, but the will of people to see more and be more, just as epic. Make your day the day others look at and say “wow”. Make your day the best day ever, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and wow…

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