Versions of reality…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset, a grand and glorious time that sparkles the soul. We can be a part of it every night, well, unless the weather hides the sunset from us again.

There are a lot of great writers who talk about alternate realities. From screenplays to comics, from novels to song, each has a thought that wanders around the incredible idea of “what if”.

I am fascinated by “what ifs” and they strike a chord within me as I consider many points in time and how the cards fell, and what if they had only fallen a little differently. I can think of few people who don’t consider some points of their lives as trying to challenging in some way. Of those I can think of fewer who have not thought about the possibility of a different outcome. 

Some writers have taken it further and every moment does not make us who we are, but our decisions create different realities with multiple “us”s floating around being happy and sad based on our decisions. In these realities the high school crush became the forever love, the college job offer created an empire, or the roll of the dice created riches and we all exist. Wouldn’t it be nice if we knew that a version of us was enjoying Tahiti right now? A family member we loved survived? A college roommate started a billion dollar company with us? A nice thought.

In the end we know, or at least are pretty sure, we are it and the decisions we made made us who we are, but don’t let go of the “what if” as those “what ifs” can drive us to new heights, and help us see the world in a better way. What ifs made the world, and I know friends that have taken what ifs and made businesses and more as I have in the past and perhaps again in the future. What ifs give us books, movies, songs and more, and what ifs make love more complete, and give us something to believe in even when we feel down. 

So as the sun sets on another day, as you stand on a hill overlooking the paths before you and someone asks what you will do, tell them the truth, tell them, I will do what I think is right at this moment, because I have seen the what ifs in front of me, and that was the best choice. Make those choices, and consider the what ifs, make them reality and be happy with your decisions, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and live hard…



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