Funny hats

The sun sets on another day…

Although I did not get a picture, the sunset was very beautiful this evening. Crimson shades shattered the sky while the clouds could not resist the overwhelming power of the sun. I had to smile for a moment as I watched the sun slowly set in the west and light up my sky and my heart.

I was thinking today about all of the hats we wear in life. There are quite a few. Some of us wear the hat of a parent, some of us wear the hat of an employee, some of us wear the hat of a manager, and some of us wear hats that are far more complex.

The reason I was thinking about these was I was willed several family real hats and I looked for a short time today upon my great-great-grandfather’s favorite hat. I know some things about my great-great-grandfather but there are many things I do not know. I know that he was a good man and immigrated to this country. I know he worked hard each and every day. Since I was small I mostly remember his hands. He died while I was fairly young but I remember how strong his hands were and how much patient goodness radiated around him.

I also remember him wearing the hat that I now have on Sundays. Although it is far too small for my giant head it is a nice hat and it shows the where of his good life. It sits in a special place in my rooms, and reminds me of some of who I am.

So What hat do you wear? Is it the hat of a good person? Is it the hat of a bad person? Is it something much more? Is it something out of years of struggle or years of positive experiences?

I would like to think that the hats we create are something that we can wear proudly throughout our lives. Why not take a second and make sure your hat is on right and make sure it is the hat that you want to wear. 

So as the sun sets on another day this hat you wear was forged by all that you are and all you have been. (Symbolically) I hope it is a good hat. I hope it shows a great person! Mostly I hope you have a fantastic evening, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and smile a little…

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