The sun sets on another day…


Today the sun decided it had enough. Clear, bright, fiery and you can feel the changes beginning. 

What changes?

The changes as spring crouches down and gets ready to pounce. Sure, it may be weeks or even a month or so before spring is in full motion, still there are now those days they foreshadow its coming and it is definitely a beginning.

I love having seasons, and I love to be able to enjoy all of them all. Summer with its warmth all the time is awesome, but fall shows colors that seem to be new every year, and winter gives us a sense of wonder while nature sleeps under blankets of snow. Spring, which is coming, restarts the cycle and gives the entire process life, and color, and fury, and fun and a promise of another season to come. Always changing, always moving forward, always there is a new season in everything.

Sometimes we forget that change is a part of life. Well, I do, I can’t be sure about you, but I bet you do to. Life is about changes, and far too often we don’t realize that even when we are feeling cold, there is change still on its way, waiting, and ready to go to the next level. The seeds are out there, and soon there will be rebirth.

So as the sun sets on another day, take a moment, look outside, watch things melt, and green start to reappear, and life begin slowly to return. It may not be today everywhere, but it’s coming, no matter what.

sleep sweet, love life, and roll with the change…


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