Pick the paths…

The sun sets on another day…

Today was a reverse day. I did not think there would be a sunset and definitely not one as striking as the sun set that appeared right at the end of the day . I was challenged by that sunset and watched it slowly fade over the horizon. It was a pleasant surprise but when I could not get a picture of but we’ll remember for some time.
You know sometimes the memories of something good are the best part. I am a firm believer in never living in the past. I am also a tremendous believer in remembering good things in our lives. All too often it is much easier to remember the bad. All too often we don’t focus on all of the fantastic times that we have had in our life.
There are some times in my life did I remember with great fondness. Those are the times where I felt especially in touch with the world or with a single person or even with a lot of people. I often mention standing on the top of the hill looking out over my paths and I remember that real day with fondness every single day. Before me lay many choices as the roads diverged and I weighed each one. One choice was easy and offered little challenge in my life. One choice was hard and offered potential stress but the payoffs would have been beyond belief.  One choice was the middle of the road and offered some challenges coupled with some normality.
It may surprise you that I didn’t even pause and immediately chose the path that would be most difficult. I look back at that day often and it makes me feel warm that I knew which direction I needed to go. As it happens those choices were taken away but that memory is more important than the outcome. All I am saying is that sometimes hanging onto a positive memory can give you a positive outlook on life. Hanging on to a lot of positive memories can overcome nearly any negatives you might face.
So as the sun sets on another day take a moment and think a happy thought. Consider the song “A Spoonful of Sugar” and let the bad things in your life be overwhelmed by the good memories and in the process create more good memories each and every day. You can make your day the best day ever if you hold on to good thoughts. Just will the day to be good. Find a way to have an amazing day no matter what.
Sleep sweet, choose your path well, and love to the Moon and back…

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