Feeling the movie…

The sun sets on another day…

The sun came and guided in the night. It was powerful and imposing and its presence made today was a great day.

I find myself considering a movie today. Yes, I know, if you read a lot of my posts or catch up in a binge (which seems to happen according to stats) you know I like movies, and enjoy thinking about how the writers and directors saw the vision and made it work.

I thought a lot about Captain Marvel today again as I saw it a second time. On the surface this movie is as fun as most of the Marvel movies, but on a deeper level it speaks of going the extra mile, not giving up, and something else, being confident in who you are. there is a fight scene where someone is challenged and they have an amazing advantage, and the challenge was made to fight as equals, and, in comic form, the challenge is not accepted. Why should it have been, there was nothing to prove. That is what is sticking with me right now.

We spend so much time proving ourselves that we often lose touch with who we really are day to day. Why do we need to prove who we are? If we know who we are, isn’t that enough? Our days are filled with other challenges, why take a moment and worry about proving anything? You know who you are, be who you are, live who you are, but mostly believe in you.

I know in this world right now it is sometimes hard to believe in anything, but I am not suggesting but pleading, even telling you, you have to believe in yourself. See the world through better eyes, see the world through your eyes, and understand that you are special, and you have worth, with nothing to prove. Does a flower need to prove it is beautiful? No, it just is!

So as the sun sets on another day, pay attention to all the things that go on around you, the people around you, and do what you can to make every day a good day, even a great day. Not because someone says to make it better, but because you believe in yourself, and that will give you power. Hold onto that, and keep it close to you, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love yourself, and enjoy all the moments you can…


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