The unseen…

The sun sets on another day…

I wanted to take a few minutes and speak about words.

I have a friend who posts a picture each and every day. They are striking, and amazing, and he takes a new picture each day to keep this going. He does not reuse pictures, he finds something, and it becomes a reality. His pictures are not just amazing, they are usually cute, topical, and often have an insight to them beyond what you see. Each day I look forward to seeing what he will post next, each day I am not disappointed.

I started posting very regularly in late 2015, and in November, made it a daily goal. I started posting a new picture every day and original words every day, and it worked. I took the picture and from the picture created something that I tried to be positive, or tried to explain a point of view. I used my words to paint a picture and the picture to compliment the words. During the first year there were times I could not get the picture in time, so I focused on the words. I thought the words more important, but since I have over 150,000 pictures in my Lightroom library, I knew I would always have one available when I needed it.

You know, there is a point here, I am getting to it.

My friend sees the world through music and pictures and words and a lot more, he is one of the smartest people I know, and yet the artistic side of him expresses more than something in front of you, it expresses a powerful series of emotions underneath.

By the same token, I paint a picture with words, but sometimes the picture is not as overwhelming as the words, and sometimes the words are not as overwhelming as the picture. Always there is a powerful set of emotions underneath.

The point is, somehow both of us are showing a little more. Something unseen is becoming seen. There are pictures and words that seem to mean nothing, that may mean the world, and pictures and words that seem to mean everything that may mean nothing. Isn’t that what art is all about? 

I started with a simple premise, to leave something for my children for them to remember.  I have ended up somewhere quite different. I get email, and comments, and have seen inside of others as I am trying to show little pieces of my experience. A little piece of me is in every post, and every picture. Oh, and I have a few signature statements, and those too have unseen meanings.

What is your unseen that you show without showing? Do you write, paint, tell jokes, build things, fix things or so many other choices? What makes your heart open to others? Take a moment, consider, and I think you will be happy with your thoughts. No idea? Maybe it is time to consider new things, and look forward to each day like I do, sharing something new and I have 1300+ times.

So as the sun sets on another day, sometimes the unseen is right in front of us. Sometimes when people show us something it may mean a little more. Take a moment, share if you can, read if you can, look if you can, but be aware that everyone has a story to tell, and their unseen story may well touch your heart. Be open to it and you will see a brighter world, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and be amazed by it…


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