The sun sets on another day…

The sunset was clear, crisp, and inviting as the day had been, just a bit brisk, perhaps a little more.

As I sat watching the sunset tonight I thought about Don Quixote. 

The story of the Man of La Mancha is either the most beautiful or most crazy story you have ever read, or seen I suppose if you have seen any of the renditions. I have always been a huge fan because of a few story foundations.

1) Sancho was there for Don Quixote and believed in him no matter what. It is a strange thought to have that much faith in someone, but he did, and he kept his honor at all times.

2) Chasing windmills is not so bad if you see the dragons they surely may be. Consider for a moment how only a few can see past a problem to a solution, perhaps the windmills really were dragons and all others were wrong. Perhaps it is not so bad to follow a dream no matter what.

3) A love great enough to sacrifice all you believe in and all you are is a love truly to be cherished. Being willing to slay a dragon to prove your love, even more so.

4) Moments in life just shouldn’t be lost, and sometimes honor is more important than anything.

I found this weekend to be one of quiet reflection, well, not so quiet reflection when I was cutting up trees with the chain saw, but mostly quiet reflection otherwise. There is a lot in life to consider each day, and sometimes you have to decide on which windmills you want to conquer, but always you should see the windmills and dragons in the world, knowing they are there, and making a difference. What better life can there be than making a difference.

So as the sun sets on another day, remember that life is a series of adventures if you let it be. Embrace a little bit more, see the dragons in the windmills occasionally, and find a way to be more than just another pretty face, be an adventurer.

Sleep sweet, love life, and make it a little wild…


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