Splitting wood…

The sun sets on another day…


Simply wow.

As I watched the sunset I was amazed by the colors, the clouds, and the clarity. So I say again, wow.

Before I went to sunset I was splitting wood. I had pulled out my double bladed ax and was just knocking it down when I realized, I was on a virtually unlimited supply of dead trees, and I could be splitting wood for a long time. It really didn’t matter, I enjoyed myself and swung again to split one more log, waiting for next year. As I lay each log on the large splitting log, I lined up, and split. Next. Line up, split. 

It seemed like a task that would take forever. Sure, it might take forever, but as many have said, it won’t get done if I just look at it. Line up, split, next.

As I worked through a series of logs I saw another dead tree, took the chain saw and cut it into pieces. I then took several of those back and lined up, split, next.

My point on this rather frivolous post is I would have gotten zero done if I had not just started, and if I split more tomorrow, the number remaining will shrink. In the end, I will take that time and continue to work on it, even if it does take forever. Every day has that potential to be more. Every day I can complete something.

How about you? Is there some massive project you set aside because it is just too big? Maybe it is time to start it. Do it, one item at a time. Line up, split, next.

So as the sun sets on another day, I think it was a good day. I know I will be sore later, and in the end, the task is smaller because I keep working on it each day I can. Don’t put things off, do them, make each day a lesson in finishing goals, and find some self satisfaction in that each day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and keep saying next…

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