The sun sets on another day…

Magnificent. It is a descriptor for many things, and a descriptor that has a very good connotation. I see magnificent sunsets all the time, and magnificence is all around us.

I don’t quite know if the dictionary gives this word justice. It is a state of splendor or something that is defined above other somethings. It is a word that is used for royalty, and perhaps defines a place in our mind and our hearts that is a piece of greatness. Today as I listened tot he world, and spent time watching the wispy clouds go by, I was overtaken by a sense of magnificence. It is not that there was anything more amazing than yesterday, nor was there anything that will outshine tomorrow, but it just was there.

It is my opinion one of the secrets of life is to not spend all the time looking towards what was and what will be, but understanding that right now is enough for right now. This moment matters, and what you did or will do is good, but this is the moment that matters, or maybe it is this one, or this one, but it matters because it is the now. If we spend all our time not paying attention to that we will decimate our today. Not because the past of future don’t matter, but because we will pay so much attention to the past or future that we will crush what we have right now.

I know many people who have done this, and I have before as well. I have been so focused on what I wanted that I did not see what I had, and in the process made a mess of a lot. How about you? Are you looking at the moment right now, or looking at holding on to it, securing it, binding it, even chaining it to you and in the process destroying it? I know it sounds funny, but sometimes you have to let go to be able to hold something. Sometimes you have to move past to be a part.

Well, it sounded good.

So as the sun sets on another day. Breath, believe, be a part of something right now. Set aside all the worries and the cares and define your moment with the history of a past or the promise of a future, define yourself right now and maybe as a bonus, you will have a history, and set a course for a super future. I believe we all can do it, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love deeply, and be the fire that you need to be, magnificently…

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