Right in front of you…

The sun sets on another day…

As the rain fell I was haunted. Haunted by things that flashed through my mind so quickly that lightning would be chasing and losing. Haunted by thoughts of what ifs, and decisions, and moments in time. Haunted by stories others have told me, and by the experiences I have had. then, as I considered the seconds I had spent on it, I set it aside in favor of far more.

It is my opinion that is a good approach. The world can knock the living heckie derns out of you, but only if you let it. Right in front of you is the power to overcome it all.

Now, as you scramble looking for the magic key someone has hidden 6 inches in front of your face, stop it. It is not literal. There may be keys to your happiness or your contentment anywhere, and maybe everywhere. they may be obvious, like a person, or a situation. They may also be sublime, like an animal looking at you with love in their heart, or a little things that suddenly matters.

My point is, and yes I know it is probably obvious, that if we just get lost in the shroud of the cloud of the doubt, we will be without the devout ability to find the happiness and contentment we deserve. Maybe, just maybe, we need to take a moment and see what we have, take inventory so to speak, and believe in ourselves first, and the good choices we make.


What do you think? Is it there in front of you now? Can you make a difference to the most important person in the world, yourself?

So as the sun sets on another day. Maybe it is, right there. Maybe it is in front of us all. Maybe we can’t grab it right now, or make pie out of it, or see it as clearly as we like, but maybe it is right there. Reach out to it, grab it, make it yours, and make every day count, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, look around, reach for the starts…



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