The sun sets on another day…

It’s windy today. Not just a little windy but gale force winds. The wind smacks the chimes on the front of the house brutally, but the song they make is nearly whimsical, and the day can’t be complete without a little melody.

Right now, this very second I could be considering the power of the wind and just how much it is about to pound the trees around me. I could be thinking what a pain it will be if the power goes out. I could be thinking about how hard it would be to drive in this right now. Well, I could be, but instead, the wind is very melodious and it makes my chimes tinkle in the most amazing way. Yes, that wind song stays in my mind. (Old people will get that)

I have to ask, when the wind is coming do you run away? Do you prepare for the worst? Do you expect the worst? Or do you enjoy the power you are a part of? I wrote a post about an older movie here. In the movie a man overcomes fear by facing death, after all, is there anything more final than death? Yes. Death is a finality, but there is no fear in death, the fear of death is greater than death itself. (Thanks Publilius)

Wow, what a sad post, or is it? Maybe it is time to let go of fear and just live. Maybe it is time to reach deep inside ourselves,a nd just make the day a good day, and enjoy the wind.

So as the sun sets on another day, sure, it is windy, it is powerful, it is cold, well, skip the cold, but the rest are lots of fun if you just roll with them, and enjoy the breeze, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and love it some more…

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