The sun sets on another day…

As the sun fell, crimson shards wafted across the sky. The clouds were pink and puffy and changed quickly from pink, to purple, to Blue. I was thankful for the moment and thankful for seeing this sunset.
It is always interesting when you think about your origins. There are things that make you who you are that you may not consider each day. Some of them are traumatic, some of them are very positive, but most are sublime and hardly noticed.
Those sublime moments can make our days far more complete. Those sublime moments are the things that our world is made of daily and what eventually make us who we are as well. It is true that we often focus more on the great positives and the great negatives in our life but each moment can be a pivot point that teaches us something new without lifting us to the sky or dropping us into some unknown chasm.
When I was younger my life was very different than it is now. My life was also very different than my children’s lives. Although I ate it was never a banquet or a feast instead just another meal. Although I drank it was not endless supplies of soda or other drinks but instead it was mostly milk and water. From the perspective of my children our lives were exceptionally different. Not the “different” that I walked 3 miles in 3 feet of snow uphill both ways to school and back but instead that there were no frills no extra excitement and very little to lift my spirits.
In those moments and those years both my sister and I found a way to be positive. Sometimes it was not easy. Sometimes it was downright hard, but sometimes it was just sublime.
It was in those sublime moments that my sister and I found our origins. Not with a whimper or a bang but with a day-to-day that absolutely showed us a path to take and a path not to take without the massive falls or rises. This powerful origin allowed us to not only be adaptable but to see the world in a far more intricate way than many.
I don’t want to say in any way that we were better or worse off than anyone else. I don’t want to say in any way that our lives made us less than whole or more than whole. Nor do I want to say that we are special even though we probably are just that. I just want to say that our lives created a foundation that allowed us to succeed.
I wonder how everyone else went through their life. Was it like ours with struggle sometimes? Was it far easier because, well, just because.?
I don’t really know and I doubt my sister does either. I do know that living in so many places and constantly having to make new friends made us adaptable. In the end isn’t adaptable what we want to be?
So as the sun sets on another day I hope that everyone has an origin that gave them strength. I hope that everyone has an origin that made them better. I hope that everyone finds a way to learn from the sublime and not just the ridiculous. Pay attention to the little things. Don’t look so forward to tomorrow that you destroy today and find a little happiness in everything you do, no matter what.
Sleep sweet, be aware, at laugh all that you can…


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