The sun sets on another day…

Have you ever just looked at something and suddenly you were breathless? The mix of hues in the sunset today was awesome, but the morning snow in the clear blue sky with flocked trees and a world like spun diamonds, well, it was just breathtaking.

There are so many things in the world that can leave you breathless. There are so many moments that can steal a moment from you, and in the process, pull your breath away. I remember so many moments that have taken my breath away, and so many moments that make me smile, laugh, cry. or more. I don’t think I can adequately describe moments like this morning, or moments that just pull the breath from you, make your heart race, or slow, or just want to last forever.

Obviously today was both good and bad, it was pretty, but I really did not expect nearly a foot of snow in April. It was cold, then warm, then wet, then dry, all in a day. Mostly it was a pretty day, a day that was made to make memories, and to take breath away from many.

In many ways I feel I am lucky. I have done so much that opened my eyes to a different world. I have felt so deeply I thought I could feel no more, only to feel more. I have hurt so bad that I did not think I could take it, and yet I did. I have felt joy that made me feel akin to a god, and though I wasn’t I will still in awe. I have lived. As I sit here I am thinking about a movie staring Christopher Lambert called The Hunted. In it Joan Chen is asked if she wants to die slow or fast. Her answers haunting, She wants to die slow and with great pain so she can appreciate every moment of life. 

I wrote about a similar series of thoughts here and reviewed many of the things I have written, and all point to those moments when your breath is actually taken away. 

Before I get a lot of emails asking if I am sad, I am a little. It seems like a moment ago I was in France at the Notre Dame Cathedral. Today I turned on a video fr a moment and watched it burn. It was not only sad, it took my breath away. To me the pain was similar to when I watched the towers fall, and it can only be described as saddening. As I remember 9-11, I will remember this day too for a long long time.

So as the sun sets on another day, good or bad, life is a series of moments. As I considered the bad today I knew that at least I got to see it. As I consider the good I am thankful each moment. Be that person that finds the silver lining. Be that person that understands more, and lives for more each day. Be that person who believes life is a gift, and may the roads you chose be full or passion, excitement, and love, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love with all your heart, and breathe…

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