Sometimes a dance…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset this night brought a tear to my eye. The colors meshed with scenery created a picturesque paradise. Then it faded to the twilight sky. I listened, I felt, I heard. The camera I had with me didn’t do the sunset justice, but it was there, even though I can only share my words and little more.


Dancing comes from a feeling inside you and perhaps one inside your very soul. Dance is more than moving, it is actually a merger of music, mind, and body that drives the emotions further and takes you a step in a direction of your choosing. Dance can be sublime, or fully of energy, but in the end dance is almost always powerful in some way. I watched people dance tonight, some in harmony induced unison with moves so measured they seemed to be counting together. Some of the dancing was more free, some made me smile, some even made me laugh, but it was all an expression.

I am not a good dancer. I am literally a monster on the dance floor, and i am sure i give hours of laughter to anyone watching. Guess what, i don’t mind or even care.  As the music calls to me i am fine with anything as long as i can dance, laugh, and enjoy the music and the moment. As I hear the music I just want to be part of the movement and be lost in the moment. Somewhere along the way i find a slice of peace in the depths of the music. Somewhere between music and movement there is an unending supply of pure passion and perhaps a little more. Maybe that is just me.

Do you dance? 

Can you feel the music as it lays out it’s melody in front of you? Do you become entranced by the sounds as they assail you with their tempos and measure? Can you find peace in the depths of yourself and in the music? Think about it. Think about you, and think about you and the music and how they interact. It is worth a moments thought and maybe a little more. 

So as the sun sets on another day I am lost in the music for a while and somewhere deep inside I am at peace not only with myself but with the world. Look for that peace, find that peace, be a part of that peace and make your world complete, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and dance the night away…

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