The sun sets onĀ another day…

There is excitement in the air as a movie open with one of the most anticipated sequels ever. It is expected to do more than any other movie ever, and there is so much excitement that the world itself seems about to bust. Couple that with the recent opening of another massive franchise and their final season, and everyone just seems to be living in an age of excitement. I hope so.

There was a commercial a long time ago about a child wanting a toy, the child begged and pleaded, and all the viewer saw was a lighted window. In the end it was an “oh boy” moment when the child got the toy, the lights flickered, and the child said, “that wasn’t very fun after all”. The excitement was the entire moment, and somewhere it was lost.

It is funny. As I go to the premiere of the movie today, I am sure it will be beyond belief. I am sure there will be people over the top, and I am sure the movie will be good. How many people will go and be disappointed because of all the hype? How many will see the movie and be happy with the outcome? How many people will go just to be a part of something so big?

I have no answers, I can tell you, I am going because I have enjoyed the series, and when I see this I will turn it into a hundred posts because it will have deep meaning, shallow meaning, and a lot in between. My thoughts will be on the enjoyment of the movie and the bigger picture, and in the process I will enjoy every moment of both the movie and the excitement. I suggest we all skip the commercial, and never lose the excitement. I suggest we try as much as we can to stay excited, about everything.

So as the sun sets on another day, I hope you enjoy whatever you are doing tonight as well, and I hope you see past the excitement and actually enjoy everything you so, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and enjoy it…

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