Perspectively yours…

The sun sets on another day…

For those writers who read from me from time to time, yes, I am taking the liberty of creating a new word. I even worked a little to make sure it would be close to right, if it was not so wrong. An important statement to be sure. 

I drove a lot today. I went to a writing event, sold a few books and came home. That in itself would seem to be a good day, and it was, but there were more pieces of this puzzle like day, more eye opening conversations, more to learn, and more. (Yes, that last more is pretty all encompassing, but more is the only way to say, more)

Meeting people is a treat always. People carry perspectives at all times, born out of their past, their beliefs, their upbringing and maybe a little genetic good stuffed in their for good measure. Today I talked to a series of people that were, well, amazing in many ways, and maybe a few more than many. As I listened I became ingrained into who they were, and tried to understand their points of view. Sometimes it was easy, sometimes it was more challenging. Usually when I had no common ground with their past or their perspective. It is then I engaged something unique, I listened. Sure, I talked, sometimes I talk too much, perhaps in some ways I did today, but I also listened, and perhaps I listened enough to learn about some people, and I enjoyed it along the way.

Do you listen? Do you learn other perspectives? Are you so sure of your perspective it cannot be changed or do you realize there are always other perspectives, other avenues, that could be considered on nearly everything, and maybe a little more? I was lucky today that people wanted to talk, and along the way I think we all learned something, if even that I am a little over the top.

So as the sun sets on another day, pay attention to people. Learn a little, see the perspectives of others, and use those perspectives to open your eyes about others, and maybe learn a little more about yourself. Be that person who isn’t afraid to embrace new ideas, and find a way to a little more, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and keep growing…



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