The sun sets on another day.

The cool mist blanketed the area, and I enjoyed the mist on my face, and watched Luna run oblivious to it all. For her, it was just a way to cool down, and as I looked to the sky and felt the tiny drops pool on my face I realized she might be right.

I wrote about similar here.

I was thinking tonight about the costs we fare on our lives. I know I know, it is probably silly to even consider and I am sure I will get a few emails from this noting that I may be wrong, and I am good with that. In fact I am good with being wrong. Being wrong opens the opportunity to be right. Falling down opens the opportunity to get up. Being hurt opens the ability to heal, and being lost opens the opportunity to be found.

I used the word opportunity multiple times. It is a big word for most, because it requires effort, it requires strength, it requires a decision. It is all to easy to be shown the door before you and not to walk through. It is far too easy to see the goal, but avoid it because of its hardship. Perhaps we need to take a step back and consider the endgame. Perhaps we need to see that before us lie many choices. Some are easy, some are hard, but all lead us forward.

I will admit in life I feel deeply. I often worry my passion has no bounds. I am passionate about a lot of different things, and as I focus that passion I find my way through a lot of things. I have made mistakes, and I have found solutions, and yes, I have fallen. The difference is, I get back up. What about you? Will you pay the cost even if the outcome is not a surety? Will you find your way even when the light is dim? The choice is yours. I cannot nor can anyone else, tell you to take risks, move forward, or become “that person”. The choice is always up to you. Use that power, consider the costs, and make the decision that makes your world a better one, no matter what.

So as the sun sets on another day, I will sit for a while and consider costs. I will think about the price we pay each day, and what we should pay, and how I should respond and move forward. Take a moment, find your center and make this world the happiest place you can every day. I know I will keep trying right there with you.

Sleep sweet, roll with the fall, and laugh as you stand back up every time…



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