The sun sets on another day…

Sunset, wow. I say again, wow. The end to a very long day, but worth it. Wow. I know, broken record.

 I was thinking today about paradoxes and a lot of fun things that seem to happen each day. I was also thinking about writing, and getting my books complete. I have created a semi mess right now, and I wanted to take a second and get it straight because it is about to all break free. 

1- I am nearly complete with Fateful Friend – Book 4 of the Masterson files. I will be completing it first by the end of this month.

2- I have an outline and a complete story in my head for Silent Sister – Book 5 of the Masterson files – I do not have an end date for that, but if I get on a roll it may too be done by EOM.

3- I have a shell and some of the work completed for Adam – Book 1 of the Eternal Forever – My daughter is pressing me for this story because just what I have written is way over the top, and the entire series will be first person. This is to be completed by mind June.

4- I have a complete Novella for Burial Ground – a young adult story. This is complete but I intend to add a significant amount to it as it has grown a life. This one is pretty exciting as I like the story and the characters and have reached out to a local tribe for some clarifications.

5- I have a novella due for a compilation this month, I wrote quite a bit to it, but it will be a surprise.

6- I have an outline for Fiery Family – Book 6 of the Masterson files and this one will be exciting as it takes place in Eastern Kentucky and follows Ronnie.

There are numerous other items floating in my head that are nearly impossible to finish quickly unless I win the lottery.

So how can I do this? Well, I am taking a week off this month to write. I have found I can write quite a bit once I get i the groove, and I intend to do so. It will be a task but my intention is to complete 1-3-4 at a minimum. I am hopeful for more. I will post daily as I do so to ensure everyone knows what is going on. FB has a few followers but I get quite a bit of mail, and hope to create a big buzz. 


My goal is to have editing done and print copies available at the Muskegon Art Fair for the First sale, and an additional press at Once Upon a Book. Then a premiere at both the book nook and Lakeside Emporiums Treasure Alley. Once the books are complete, it is my hope to travel to Kentucky as I have worked that out as well.

I hope this is acceptable. Book 4 has taken far too long but I think it will be worth it. I pulled out nearly 10 chapters because I was going the wrong way, now I am on the right track, and this will happen quickly. 

I really appreciate everyone who reads 29000 sunsets, and I appreciate all of the people who have read the Masterson Files or have visited ShortStorySite and enjoyed those stories. The story “The Statue” has a great number of hits as well as “Protect his Heart” and I enjoy some of the mail I get from those.

So as the sun sets on another day, read, laugh, love, and have a little fun. I know I am trying every day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and enjoy your passions every day…


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