Red light…

The sun sets on another day…

Such a hurry, such a hurry.

Today as I was driving to meet at the movies I was passed by a red truck. Now, normally that is rare, but possible, since I tend to drive the speed limit, and get there pretty quickly.

What was rough was as we approached the red light, I slowed and he did not. What happened next was a little off as he barreled trough the red light, not after a second, or two, but after a full 5 count. Cars screeched, people yelled, and there was a moment of panic, but everything ended up OK. So what, right?

I was wondering for a moment as I reached my destination, why? Why was the red light ignored? Was it a goal? Was it an oversight? Was it something else? I know, I am overthinking a small violation, but think about it, everyone saw, but him.

Maybe sometimes we are so wrapped up in our world, we can’t see outside of it. Maybe sometimes we look at the world and go, “meh” and just ignore the things in front of us. We see this all the time, people being oblivious to the world, and the world seemingly oblivious to people.

I would like to think we can overcome this, and just open our eyes. Perhaps we need to focus on what is real, and make it a little more real. Perhaps we need to pay attention each day.

So as the sun sets on another day, look out for the world while you look out for yourself. Make a difference by paying attention, and slow down from time to time, it can be worth it!

Sleep sweet, love with all your heart, and feel the wind as you race through life…

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