Unexpected meanings…

Photo by Steve Nowak

The sun sets on another day…

The sunset was full of bright colors and amazing entry points. Light and life was scattered everywhere, and though the day started with disappointing beginnings, the afternoons became the day that dreams are built upon. I wrote about similar here.

I thought a lot about words tonight. More than a lot. A few simple sentences that when strung together mean something to some people, and something else to others. I have spoke about this several times and became a slave to my own words today once again, causing me to review something I said and correct it so it reflected my line of thinking.

I wrote once “if you cannot say something nice, be patient” but I also need to consider “If you cannot write something right, consider it again.”

Now, if people could see in my head and what I meant, or see past the words into where I was going with words, it would not be an issue. In fact if people could read each others minds we would all be considering ourselves all the time. Sometimes we would probably stop, smile, laugh, cry, ponder and more in a single thought, simply because our perception of the world around someone else really does not represent what is happening with someone else.

Scary huh?

Anyway, I have rewrote some words that made sense at the moment, but now more clearly reflect how I was thinking at the time. I have also built a new behavior that will have me defining my words a little differently in the future. 

So as the sun sets on another day, I remember an old saying , “Be careful what you say, make you words so soft and sweet, for you don’t know from day to day which ones I’ll make you eat” and I have used it before. Now I think there should be a new one. “Be careful what you say, make your words sound crisp and clear, for you don’t know from day to say if you’ll hurt someone you hold dear.” I may use both, just because.

Sleep sweet, reach for the stars, and laugh as you chase the moon…


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