The sun sets on another day…

Some days things just seem to fall in place. The things you want happen happen. The things you want to get done, er, get done. Life just finds a way. (Or maybe it is you that finds the way))

Today was such a day, where the pictures were good and maybe a little more. Where the day was amazing, and maybe a little more, and where the moments we stunning, and maybe a little more.

So, who cares about my day, how was yours? Was it wonderful and well done, or did it get part of the way and just do good. Why do you think we sometimes have good days and sometimes, well, they are not so good.

I have a theory. (Yes, this is unproven). I believe it is based on foundations, and by foundations I mean mostly, us! As I walked today in the woods taking pictures with my friend I came upon an interesting sight. A tree was cracked in half, quite well in fact. It still just hung in the air, like nothing had happened to it except maybe that it was a little cracked. I stared at the tree for a while, and look at the tree, and took a picture of the tree. I am sure there were dozens of other trees like it, but it gave me an idea. Here was a tree that was defying the odds, maybe even gravity, and moving on as if nothing was wrong. Perhaps the secret is to have a strong foundation within yourself, and let the other stuff, no matter how big, just move on. I have to say, it is probably tough, but it makes sense. Start the day with an idea the day will be good, and the day will be good. Not a little, but a lot. Start the idea with other conceptions, and those too will come to pass. It is at least worth considering.

So as the sun sets on another day, consider how you start your day, is that how you end it? Do you control the day or does the day control you? I think if you look at it, the day is just another day, but you will always be you, and that is special and more than enough, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, enjoy the cool night air, and laugh all you can…


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