Movie moment…


The sun sets on another day…

Sometimes good things happen on accident, and today I came across a good movie, by accident.

I had seen the movie advertised for some time and had no interest. It is, after all, a horror movie and I find most horror movies relatively funny. Filled with situations that are transparent, and people who do not take advantage of, well, advantages. I have unfortunately broke out laughing in very scary movies, much to the frustration of my fellow moviegoers. So I try to stay quiet and avoid most of the horror movies unless I can see them on my own, this one was not done any justice by the advertisements that tried desperately to appeal to the fearful and those seeking quick jumps and the lack of plot tat is usually attached.

Winchester is a movie that has some of those jumps, but it is also a movie that has a deep inner spirit. The core of the movie is responsibility and honor, and beyond that another treatise into the depths of love. The question we should all ask ourselves is “Are we willing to give our lives for another?” then the second question “Does it matter if we know them?”. It is in this second question that so many people get tied up and lost. A long time ago, seemingly forever, I stood on the top of the hill ready to give my life if necessary, and a long time ago I was set aside. In this movie, the main characters are not set aside, instead they are engaged and find a way to overcome a seemingly impossible series of obstacles, and in the process, a man who is cynical and dead inside finds new life and something he can believe in. 

As always I am looking very deep into a movie that many will say “wow, it made me jump” but they only saw a surface, I did not jump, I was touched by the heart of the movie, and the soul it attempted to free: the viewer.

Winchester, with Helen Mirren will be something you can enjoy on many levels, and something I enjoyed today for a few minutes.

So as the sun sets on another day, sometimes those things that are hidden are things that are better to be learned. Sometimes things that are easily seen are less spectacular than thought. In the end, it is all up to you the viewer to find a moment and see past yourself into the imagination of the writer, and in that find a moment that is real. I think it is funny that in the end a lot of movies are about love, and this one, well, this one is to be appreciated. 

Sleep sweet, find love, and hold on to it, no matter what…

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