Could have been…

The sun sets on another day…

There is was, a great sunset in the works, the clouds were set for the sun to drop underneath them and light the evening sky, and then it didn’t, just like that. Still, it made me smile thinking about all the wonderful things the sunset brings and the beauty that could have been.

Could have been. that is a tough statement. I remember kids playing and they would have a disagreement, the words “I could have been your friend” was a weapon of mass warfare. It stung people and changed everything in an instant. Then there was more banter and negotiation. It was used as a breaking series of words, and it made kids consider their next moves more carefully.

As adults you would think we outgrew the same, but there is still that same desire to be liked, to be right, to be in charge, to be something, and if that is challenged it creates action. We could have done great things together always leaves someone thinking, like what? I could have been more promotes weakness, and I could have been nicer begets the question why weren’t you nice to begin with. My lack of a point here is that I could have been more clear at the beginning and just said don’t wait for a time you could have been, do ti ow and make it real.

Does that work?

So as the sun sets on another day, “could have beens” and “would have beens” are missed opportunities. Build your expectations and the expectations you have of others and make your dreams a reality all the time. Waiting for one minute is a minute lost that can never be regained, and trust me, doing what you think is right for someone doesn’t always work. Make your could have beens I did, and your days will feel more complete, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, bark at the moon, and live for the stars…

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