Just hear…

The sun sets on another day…

I wrote about similar here.

The sun sets on another day. Tonight the clouds kept the sunset at bay, but it was a glorious battle, filled with moments going back and forth and back and forth. You could see the sun as an outline in the clouds, then it would be gone, swallowed by the darkness.

I like to tell stories of people and places that both exist or do not exist. When I do I am lost in the moment and find the days being quite amazing. I like to read, and as I read I feel transported into different realms of fantasy and reality. In the process I feel overwhelmed with the power of the writers words. I like to watch movies and get immersed into a script that works is a journey of mind and heart. Yes, I like these things, but I also like to listen, and to hear people and who they are and how they are in life.

Listening is often easy. Parent and children both listen, but some do not hear. Friends listen and some hear, some do not. It is inherent in who we are to listen, but often we just sift out key points without paying attention to a complete series of thoughts, phrases, or actual experience. Hear, it seems easy, maybe it is easy.

I find myself on unique ground right now. There are so many things I have learned over the year but I know less than nothing in the context of a global whole. Still, I like to think I hear, but sometimes I don’t hear all of the nuances. Sometimes the world is a bit bigger that I think, or a bit smaller, and as I listen I overhear. 

Maybe in the end it doesn’t matter, but it is my opinion people should hear and listen and hear some more, and pay attention to the depth of something being said. After all, something that appears to be insignificant because it means nothing to you may be insurmountable from another persons point of view, because it does mean something to them. Funny how that happens. Someone makes a few off the cuff remarks about someone they think are unimportant, and it becomes a life changing experience.

Something to think about.

So as the sun sets on another day. There are people talking all the time, are you listening? Do you know what is important to those close to you. Do you know what is important to those you want to be close to you or those you want to not be close to? If so, you are hearing. If not, well, listen more closely, pay attention. Set aside what you think you know, and pay attention to all the things that are important, and in the end, enjoy every moment, no matter what,

Sleep sweet, listen close, and hear the music…


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