Another channel…

The sun sets on another day…

I had a fun afternoon singing impromptu Karaoke with Gary Samples, then off for a drive to find a picture. As always it was fun! During our time we had problems with a wireless microphone fighting for control of a receiver, and I laughed when we figured it out, you just had to be alone for a second to start it up.

As I was driving home I laughed about the thought and it started to make even more sense. Sometimes you have to be alone to reset, sometimes you have to be alone to see more clearly, sometimes you have to be alone.

It really makes good sense the more you think about it. We are not defined by others unless we allow it, we are defined by ourselves. If we are always with others we can become cluttered and sometimes latch on to the wrong receiver. We have probably all been in toxic situations where other people try to define us, we can follow their lead, smile and nod, or do what we can, but in the end, the only way to really get it right is to separate and be alone. Toxic does not necessarily mean negative, but it can mean that you are not seeing your potential. It is the reset that allows you to see there is another way. In our case tonight it was the reset that allowed us to see the microphones needed to be alone before bringing them together, then it worked fine.


so as the sun sets on another day, maybe sometimes we need to spread our wings and find our way so we can be part of something bigger. Maybe sometimes alone time is a good thing, and maybe, just maybe, switching the channel will find you the right program. Try it, live it, and find some fun along the way, no matter what. 

Sleep sweet, love life, and channel 2 please…


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