Walking the beach…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was crisp, fiery, colorful, and amazing. It was also a great sunset because I was with my daughter, enjoying it.

Today has been a fairly enjoyable day. Sure, there are always obstacles, but I did my best to overcome them, and maybe overcompensated a little. Today, as I walked the beach I met two women enjoying the waves. One was on a float in the middle of the beach, the other in a chair. The one was enjoying the time waiting for the ferry to pass and create massive waves and buffet the float, the other was just enjoying the sun. We talked about the area for a few minutes, then I moved on. It was a few minutes later that the waves from the ferry hit, and though she was on shore when I walked past, the one woman was carried out into the waves, laughing.

I thought about how we approach life, and sometimes, we can wait for the waves, sometimes we get take surprise by the waves, and sometimes well, the waves are just there and we enjoy them as we go. I was impressed that this woman was not paddling, fighting, or doing anything except going where the waves threw her. In the end, it was quite prophetic in some ways.

Life throws us a lot of waves. We can fight them, worry about them, or just ride them and laugh along the way. I think I am all for the third option as the other two just add stress to an already stressful world. Sometimes when the wave comes, you just have to ride it. Maybe then, a little peace will come.

So as the sun sets on another day, stop trying to stop the waves. It really doesn’t work. Get out your float and just ride them til the giant lake calms, then laugh the night away, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and ride the waves…

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