The idea of it all…

The sun sets on another day…

Stunning, enticing, colorful, amazing, wonderful. All adjectives to describe another sunset, or the time I have had with two of my children.  It is always nice to have someone you can just enjoy the moment with, and I enjoy almost all of my moments wit them.

I think that is the trick. Many people think about the idea of something, and the reality does not measure up. Some see the reality of it, and the idea is less. Then there are some that the idea and the reality match up. It is those that are never disappointed. It is those that have the most fun in life.

There are people, places, and things I have consider the idea was great, and walked away with disappointment. Such is never the case with my kids. Not that life is perfect all the time, but it is always reality and an idea that never disappoints. 

So what, right?

Well, maybe we should think about our idea of things, and look for the reality? Maybe we should consider the reality of things as an great outcome from our idea, and maybe if we keep our ideas in the right place, we can help make the reality. After all, we are part of the reality equation. You cannot make something better than it is but you can see it as it is and make it better to you; you cannot be somewhere and make it nice without your commitment and some work sometimes; you cannot make someone love you, but you are part of the equation and can love in spite of how you are loved. That one is a tough one. You can love in spite of how you are loved. Hmm. 

So as the sun sets on another day, today is a great day. Why? Because you are in it! To whoever is reading today, you are the best thing in your world! Be the idea and the reality to yourself and to those people important to you, and love all you can, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and live the ideas…

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