Pressing the envelope…

The sun sets on another day…

To say this was an amazing day was an understatement. Busy, but the weather was perfect. A cool breeze brought dryer air in and kept the area cool and comfortable. It was quite wow.

A long time ago I wrote similar here.

You know, I was questioned today as I mowed the lawn and did some work as to why I was doing it. The answer was simple, because I could. I have been questioned often why I have so many things I like to do, because I can. I have been questioned on the type of things I do, because I want to see more than just what some people see, I want to press the envelope and be alive.

I have to admit, sometimes I take it a bit far. Sometimes I need to step back a little and not push as hard as I do, but in the end, life is a journey when we live it, right? Don’t we want to go that extra mile and be alive rather than avoiding life? Don’t we want to squeeze everything we can out of our life to feel it, love it, and be more with it?

How do you want to live? Are you the person playing it safe? Are you the person pushing the envelope? Where do you stand? What will take you to the next level or is it even important to do so? Do you want to live or to exist? there is a big difference. As we sit on a  precipice of forever, how will you describe your life? A series of adventures or a long and winding road?

Too many question, right? 

I hope, though, that tomorrow as you embrace a new day that maybe you decide for a little more. Another push, a little more passion, a little more love, a little more life. I think it is worth it.

So as the sun sets on another day, make passion a goal, press the envelope, and when someone asks why, simply answer because it was there. 

Sleep sweet, love life, and be alive no matter what…

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