Fari fatum…

The sun sets on another day…

Here I sat, watching the day go by and enjoying the amazing weather. Sunset was sublime as you can see, the mist and clouds cascading color across the horizon.

I made a brief trip to take care of exciting things, like getting my hair cut, today. While I was out I stopped at the 5>1 store. For those of you who don’t know the store it has bins of return items from wherever, and the week starts at $5 and ends at $1. You can expect about anything in the bins. It is like a rummage sale gone wild. I stopped just to have a brief break, but as I walked I pulled a small bag from the bin and thought it was a drape or similar. Instead a pair of Khaki pants in my size. I walked out with my $2 purchase going, well, wow. There were no others in the bins, and this one bag had not been opened or touched.

I do not believe in fate. It is a strange concept stating something is decided before it is real, nor do I believe in luck as I believe we make our own luck, but today I was a little beside myself, almost like the man who does not believe in ghosts, but sees a spirit talking to him. (If you want a fun story about that, this is mine, check it out) Anyway, I was suitably impressed and considered the essence of “Fatum” or fate today.

I have a lot of reasons to consider it. Recently I had a medical issue, and all before the issue I kept seeing 911 everywhere. I did not listen well, but should have. When it was said and done, the 911s disappeared. Was there something telling me to pay attention or was my mind paying more attention than I was and alerting me at the right times. The bigger question was, does it even matter? I mean, if we pay attention either could be right, but either saves us so we should pay attention. So I sit here wearing a pair of pants that are an impossibility, and enjoying a day that was a gift.

I really have no definitive answers here. How can you have a definitive answer if you can’t really quantify the question. I can say I got a hell of a deal today, and enjoyed the moment. Does it mean there is fate? I think people will debate that til the end of time. No matter how you slice it we have a good story now, and a few minutes of fun. Take the moments you can, enjoy them, good ones most of all, and just keep on pushing each day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and enjoy your day…

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