Vis tecum sit…

Photo by M.ReidĀ 

The sun sets on another day…

The fastest car in the world cannot make time go backwards. The most powerful person cannot turn back the hands of time.

As I reached the beach today the mists had swallowed the sunset. I knew it was ok, there was a good sunset somewhere, and then someone sent me one. There can be no better gift than giving someone else a positive remark or supporting their passions.

In case you are wondering, the title today is about as close as it will come to “May the Force be with you”. It was strange that it popped in my head today as I was typing on something else and I just had to use it.

I have found over the years that the best way to be is positive. there have been times I have been surrounded by negative people, but still I tried to stay positive. Sometimes I succeeded, a few times I failed but learned from it. Positive means seeing the good in things that could be considered really bad. Positive means sometimes swallowing pride and realizing there is a bigger picture to pay attention to each day. Positive means not bringing others down to your level, but lifting them above you if you can.

So who are you? Are you the positive person driving everyone forward? Do you see a half full glass, or a completely full glass always? Somewhere it is there.

So as the sun sets on another day, lets all find a way to be positive. Let’s find a way to help each other up. Let’s let the world know that nothing can bring us down unless we let it, and in the process, find a little slice of happiness! It is there if you let it be there, find it, live it, be it, no matter what.

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