The sun sets on another day…

Each sunset is unique, and each sunset a positive mark in the book of life. Some are so spectacular you can’t help but watch, some are similar, and so many people never look for the differences, some are invisible but still they are there, just as prevalent and as beautiful, just beyond our ability to see.

So here I was sitting looking at a flower. I sat and changed 1 fstop at a time, trying to get an effect I would be able to use more effectively. Click, click. As I added depth of field I needed more exposure or more sensor speed, so I changed, 1 setting at a time looking for that picture I would use tonight. Click, shoot, review, click shoot review and so on. In the end, all the work I did was transparent, and only the endgame shone through, In the end it is always so, right?

So does any of this matter? If not for this post no one would have known, and I would not have said. There was no need. I enjoyed doing it, and no matter the work, it was what I wanted to do. So why mention it at all. Well, it is a short statement to everyone: Sometimes you don’t see everything going on and you need to take that into account before you make a judgement. Sometimes you need to understand before you can say you understand. Sometimes a persons work and worth is invisible.

I saw a note a little while ago about editing books. Someone stated that editing was harder than writing a book. I thought about it for a while, then began laughing. It was a simple statement, but there is no one more than the other. Without the imagination of the writer, the editor is useless. Without the editor the writer may not succeed as easily. Is it harder or easier? Is it harder to build a car or test it? Is it harder to cook a meal or taste it? How can you compare? The point is, even if one side or the other seems invisible they are nothing without the other.

Hmm, a lot of complexities in a short post, I don’t want to overdo.

So as the sun sets on another day, succeed. It doesn’t matter if your efforts are visible or invisible, succeed. Make the world a better place with or without recognition. Determine a course of action and make that action a reality, and in the end, remember to be visible to yourself, always. You can be the difference in anything you want to be, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, be inspiring, and be a little more…

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