Power of the storm…

The sun sets on another day…

As I watched the storm roll in and saw a lightning flash across the sky I thought back a few years ago when I tried to create a site called Power Scene that showed powerful clips from movies that would make you laugh or cry or smile or feel empowered. As I watched the storm and remembered all I could feel was a little bit of awe in the power of nature that is all around us.

You know movies and books can create or enhance emotions with a high degree of efficacy. I will never forget feeling the deep sorrow I experienced when my father died and then going to the movie Elizabethtown only to be further devastated. The movie was good but it also enhanced the situation that I was experiencing.

Some examples of movies that have powerful moments are:

  • The end of the movie Armageddon where Bruce Willis talks to his movie daughter
  • Near the end of Superman with Christopher Reeve where Superman has just found Lois Lane and finally decides what is most important to him
  • About part way through Guyver: Dark Hero where an embattled man dives off a cliff and transforms as he falls into the Guyver
  • Near the end of the movie Hero at Large when a group of onlookers decide they will rescue The Rescuer
  • Julia Roberts speech in Notting Hill where she asks Hugh Grant just to love her
  • The end of either of the two Karate Kid movies where each of the characters finally understand what balance means
  • The end of the movie The Time Machine where Guy Pearce Putter’s the immortal statement you forgot about what if

I could go on and on for an almost Limitless time with all the movies that I have seen. The passion and power of these type of scenes are a combination of the writers prowess at the actors ability to showcase the writer’s vision. There are hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds meaningful scenes that find their way into your heart and soul if you will only let them. I have stated this about movies but it is true about books as well and I have read so many books that find their way inside many many people with their power. What does it for you? What is that key in a book or a movie or something else that unlocks Who You Are? I know it’s there if you look.

So as the sun sets on another day, think about what you have read oh, what you have seen, and what you have experienced and find your way to a powerfully passionate feeling each and every day no matter what. 

Sleep sweet, love life, and find a way…


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