The sun sets on another day…

The morning fog and the evening fog both telegraph the change in seasons coming soon. The heavy clouds that cover the twilight sky hold the sunset at bay but I know the beauty is still there.
To me it is always amazing watching nature. Last night I sat watching my bird feeders and as I did saw the Chipmunks zip in and out of the tall ferns to get small bites of seed. I was interested in how much they paid attention to everything around them.
Yes it sounds like I am reaching but you have to understand that in my backyard a chipmunk has a lot going against it. Hawks are all over the area and two Eagles live somewhere on my property. The result is I occasionally see a squirrel or other small animal taken away. This is the way of nature. The Chipmunks found a way stay a little safer by being overly cautious but still engaging the world constantly. I am always impressed with how well they do and how mischievous they are as they play in the backyard.
I am not saying or inferring that people should jump in and out of cover or hide from anything. What I do notice and think we should pay attention to is how the Chipmunk is aware of everything around it. If I move inside the house 40 feet away a chipmunk will still know I am there. That type of diligence is rare anymore.
We should all be aware of our surroundings and all of the things around us not just those we see as important in one moment. Paying attention can open our eyes to a larger world. Paying attention can be that thing that keeps us safe excited and happy.
So as the sun sets on another day walkaway looking at the world with patient eyes let’s see everything. As you do remember world is a special place and part of that is because you are in it. I hope you have an amazing night no matter what.
Sleep sweet, love life, and see the world…

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