The sun sets on another day…

I’m sitting here watching storm clouds roll in and out waiting for a moment when they all clear. Soon it will be a fantastic day. Soon it will be another day to be remembered.

I write a lot about sunsets. Sunsets can divide the day and show us all how beautiful life can be. Well, sunrises do this as well. Many years ago I toyed with the idea of creating 29000sunrises as well as 29000sunsets. I thought someone would be able to welcome the day and someone could also say goodbye to it in the evening. The idea was to try to inspire at both sunrise and sunset. 

Honestly there is and was not enough time in the day.

I’m getting to a point. The idea behind 29000 sunsets was that this day, today, is a gift. We should not be spending our time overdoing it unless we are over doing on our passions, the people around us, and those things that we love.

The question I ask many is If today was your 28999 sunset what would you do different, if anything? I follows if it is not your 28999 sunset why aren’t you doing that thing that you would do on your last day? I know it probably sounds morbid but today could be anyone’s last day and the greatest gift of all in life is to live it. 

So back to my point. If I were to do it alone, doing 29000sunrises and 29000sunsets  would be a hefty job. I would rather live life today and share my passions with only a portion of that life. Yes I love to share. Yes I love to put out short little sentences or talk to people about those things that incite and Inspire them. At the same time I like to be inspired. I like to incite myself to enjoy my time. I leave this for my children and anyone reading, find your passion, and live your passion, but know when to say when. Don’t get so lost in taking a picture that you forget to enjoy the scene. 

So as the sun rises on another day and the sun will eventually set on this selfsame day I wish to you that ability to press the envelope, to love life, and to squeeze out every moment that you can, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and wow what a day…

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