13 reasons…


The sun sets on another day…

I watched the sunset tonight and marveled at the fluid nature of the world. It was stunning, and I was in awe for a moment. As I watched I saw people milling around, some watched the sunset, some paid it no heed, lost in their own moments, finding their way.

I believe people have lots of reasons for being who they are as, well, people. Some are good, some are bad, some are good and bad, some are bad and good, and so forth. Personally, I know I am a spread of a lot of things.I have been good, and I have been bad, and I am probably normally somewhere in between. Today I thought a great deal about all the good and bad I have done, and how each has affected my life. In the end I remembered it was Friday the 13th, and laughed a little at all the bad in the villains for Friday the 13th, and thought I would come up with 13 reasons to be bad today. (Umm, this is supposed to be funny, so laugh with me)

  1. You get to wear cool stuff. Hockey masks and knife gloves are just the start.
  2. You might get to have the coolest lines. Villains always get to say the cool speeches. (Except Jason, he is a quiet kinda guy)
  3. You usually get the girl. Well, usually, unless is is Jamie Lee Curtis, she always gets away.
  4. You get more lives. I mean, how many sequels can you have?
  5. If you are really bad, people like you more. Who will forget the villains made famous by John Lithgow, Ralph Fiennes, or Alan Rickman. (Or the many they played, not seen the movie Blowout? You should!)
  6. Laundry is easy, you either have it done for you, or you skip it completely.
  7. You get to think up cool ideas for ending your enemies. If you are Jigsaw or Phibes, you are the coolest!
  8. Money is never an object. (Or you don’t need it at all) Sorry Gru, you just weren’t bad enough)
  9. People remember you more than the good guys! (Yeah, you know its true, well, most of the time)
  10. If you are lucky, you get to change into cool stuff. Dragons and Orgres and Old Lady’s oh my!
  11. People trust you, even when they shouldn’t. Don’t take that apple.
  12. You are remembered in peoples dreams, or you live in them.
  13. Whether in truth or memory, you almost get to live forever. Eeek

So on this Friday the 13th that happens oh so rarely with a full moon, watch a few scary movies, have a lot of fun, and make the world a better place, and as the sun sets on this day, remember, the dark isn’t bad at all, but what is in it, well….

Sleep sweet, fight for life, and have a good night…

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