All good things…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was a surprise today after a mass of clouds shielded the sky for the afternoon and early evening. The colors were intense, and the evening came on and held the warmth of the day. Another day is ending, a good day with moments all around.

Many series on television end with the thought of all good things coming to an end, some even state it in a title, and always, there are many good things to review and consider.

It is necessary here to state I am not talking about any one thing. There have been a lot this week. Things that were good to great, now passing on, and becoming something else. So many examples happen every day, so many things need to be considered but in the end, all things can end, all things good , and all things less than good. It is often bittersweet to consider something ending, but more than sweet to consider the positives you have experienced with that event.

Today I smile, and laugh, and set free some past positives and negatives as we all do, today is mine, and today is yours, and today belongs to everyone who understand how important today is to us all. Today is all we surely have.

So as the sun sets on another day, here we are, at the precipice of change, tomorrow is something new. Anything you would do differently? Why aren’t you doing it now? Maybe it is time to consider doing it now, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, be sweet, and sometimes eat some sweets…

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