Through different eyes…

The sun sets on another day… 

The sky was painted tonight by crimson so dark that the sky looked as though it were on fire. I watched and saw the colors fade almost immediately painted instead to my memory.

I have suggested to people over and over for many years we are the sum of what we are. I know it sounds less than prophetic but we sometimes have problems understanding each other simply because we do not have duplicate experiences. Instead since our experience is unique so too is our understanding of our world. 

Our memories create a person built on a singular past that can only be shared easily with people who have had the same. Now that’s not all bad as we have some similar experiences by default. Things like a nuclear family, learning to read and write, and language as a whole give us some relatively common ground. There are complexities though that are hard to understand.

I remember in the movie Star Trek 4 where McCoy is attempting to have dialogue with Spock about death. Spock’s reply was he could not talk easily about it without a common point of reference frustrating McCoy who asked if he had to die in order for the two of them to talk about death. It is my opinion that Spock could have explained as he saw it, and if McCoy listened he just might have seen some parts of the experience. 

Perhaps sometimes it’s that easy. There are very few people who listen well enough to be able to actually pay attention to someone without having like experience. Perhaps we need to try more. Perhaps we need to work to understand others and in doing so open possibilities for ourselves. As you look at others remember you are unique and so are they. Take that moment and listen and remember you may not fully understand what another person is going through but you can try. Take a moment, and take the time to do so. 

So as the sun sets on another day yes you are unique. As the sun sets on another day remember so is everyone else. Pay attention to all those things going on and listen to others all you can. Do your best to understand and maybe you will see the world through different eyes. Perhaps those eyes will guide you more easily down your path no matter what.

Sleep sweet, listen, and hear…

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